Crocodile Tale – Special Offer – And the “Road Trip Continues!

Part of what I do is work with my wife Nancy in our landscaping business. And at this time of year, we do a lot of mowing. One of our clients is our neighbor who lives on the small lake nearby. We mow their half acre yard on a regular basis. The back yard goes right down to the water.  We have a large “Grasshopper” mower with a 6 FT. deck that Nancy operates. Two weeks ago in the early morning we began to mow their yard. Nancy made her first pass down the side of the yard toward the lake, when she spotted the crocodile sunning on the shoreline. For years it was always just a rumor that a crocodile actually lived in the lake. A few, not many, claim to have seen it. But, there he was! When he heard Nancy coming on the mower, he splashed loudly into the water. I was heading back there with the weedwacker and she was trying unsuccessfully to get my attention, however I did see it in the water and thought it must be an alligator. He moved north heading across the lake about 20 ft. off shore. Then he made an abrupt right turn heading for shore. When he made the turn, he lifted his head out of the water and it became apparent to me that this was no gator. He is tan-brown in color and his snout was long and uplifted at the end with snarled teeth showing! He is about 12 to 14 feet in length. He moved quickly into the swampy overgrowth that bordered our neighbor’s property. I moved quickly from the backyard finishing my weed-whacking as I semi-ran looking over my shoulder all the way. Nancy had already completed the mowing of the back and was mowing in the front. The both of us were in awe of what we had just seen. Where’s the camera when you really need it and the phone was in the truck – oh well – you can believe me or not – but the croc in our nearby lake really exists!

Special Offer!

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And the “Road Trip” Continues:

I took a seat at a table by the stage – setting my guitar and duffle bag down when the fellow who had just played “Downtown” so brilliantly approached and took a seat joining me. He introduced himself to me as Gifford Pinch and told me I could call him Gif. I returned the introduction and he told me he was on the run as well from New Jersey. Another fellow approached the table and Gif introduced me to Rory Parish from Texas – another guy on the run. They had met each other at the Café a few days earlier. Rory was just learning how to play the guitar and was quite passionate about it. We had some coffee and chatted for quite some time and instantly became friends. They had secured a room nearby and offered me a piece of the floor where I could place my sleeping bag. I was overjoyed! As evening approached, more people came in and the place got quite busy. Gif and I alternated sets and played on into the early hours of the morning! I didn’t make it into that sleeping bag until about 4AM.


Late in that same morning, the three of us emerged on the street in front of the rooming house and headed to the Café for some coffee. Herman opened the Café in the late morning every day preparing for his lunch business – which was quite good. He made a Reuben sandwich that was very good and very popular. In the morning I would have a cup of his excellent espresso and on this particular morning I was anxious to have a cup having been away for a week. We entered the Café smelling the fresh coffee and fresh bread that Herman got at the bakery near by. We had a little money from the night before, so I ordered some toast to go along with my espresso. The late morning ebbed into the lunch hour very quickly and Gif was ready to play for the growing lunch crowd. His style was very smooth and captivating. He actually played more instrumentals than he sang songs, but he had a few original songs which were very good. One of his songs called “10 Cent Life” was one I really liked and I ended up playing it myself. He told me I sang it much better than he did – but I don’t know about that – he had a nice deep voice which reminded me of Fred Neil. We ended up alternating a few sets up until around 3PM when this man and woman came in and wanted to play. They were speaking French and could not speak much English, but they brought with them a small group of their fans to hear them. Rory suggested that we adjourn to one of the local taverns nearby for a beer. The afternoon was warm and that sounded good to me. 


About Bill Madison

Bill Madison – Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist My musical career spans more than 40 years; from the Folk Music venues of Boston, New York City and Montreal during the 1960’s, to the ski resorts and honky tonks of Northern New England from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. In 1973, I released my first album called “Sunday Mornin’ Hayride”. That album has been re-released by Riverman Records and Yoga Records and was voted in the top ten retro re-issues for 2009 by the Acid Archives. In 1974, I formed Them Fargo Brothers which became New England’s Premier Country Rock Band, and I toured with the band until 1990. I am currently writing and recording in my studio and marketing my CD’s through my web site and have downloads available across the web. I am also seeking to license my music to films, etc. And I am a Featured Artist on
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