Old and New Friends! Christmas Guitar Story!

Hi and Happy Holidays!  It has been my pleasure to become re-acquainted with two old friends from my college days at the University of Rhode Island. Both are fine musicians in the Folk Music/Singer Songwriter genres.

I met Jim Remington in 1964 at URI. In later years he and I ended up  playing together and went out on the road playing such fine venues as Cafe Lena in Saratoga, NY, The 2nd Fret in Philadelphia, and The Hickory Tree in Lancaster, PA. The last time I saw Jim was around 1982 – just before he moved to Colorado. Thanks to Facebook and Ed McGuirl,  Jim and I have made contact once again. We have also discussed the idea of collaborating once again. He sent me two of his CD’s made over the last ten years. The songwriting and the arrangements on both are just wonderful. I highly recommend them to you. If you would like to get his recordings,  you can contact him at:

Jim Remington, Box 1412, Westcliffe, CO. 81252



Ed McGuirl has captured the true essence of Americana/Roots/Blues music in his classic and impressive musicianship. He and I have become friends on Facebook – bridging the gap of the many years that have gone by. He sent me some CD’s of his work as well which I would like to share.  You can contact him through his Facebook page, if you would like to get his CD’s.



Ed and Jim worked together for ten years in the Greencastle Band and took Irish and Celtic Traditional music to a different level. Originally released in 1981, this classic recording is also available on CD. You can contact either Jim or Ed for a copy.




1-RSLC image    I started playing out again in October at a new venue that opened in Lehigh Acres, Florida.  Over the summer,  I was beginning to feel the need to perform again – get the response of people listening to me and to see if I could develop a following.  I have found all of that in this wonderful little venue called The Rolling Stone Libation Company!  I play there every Saturday evening from 6PM til around 9PM! Also in residence while I am playing is a fantastic local artist named Jonathan MacDonald – drawing sketches of the patrons and displaying his artwork around the stage area. Here is a sketch he did of me while I was playing!


Nancy and I have met some very interesting and wonderful people at the “Stone” – as we call it!  Many come from Ft. Myers and Bonita and other surrounding towns as the “Stone” is growing in popularity. The menu and the food is extraordinary – their burger is the best around served with homemade potato chips. They serve a huge variety of excellent beers and wines. “Magic” is the one word I use to describe the Rolling Stone Libation Company. If you are ever in the area, you should make it a point to stop in!


Also making new friends and fans on Street Jelly!  This is an on line “Busking” site where musicians can play for everyone a get tips! I am performing there every Friday Afternoon at 4:30 PM EST!



Christmas Eve 1966
It was a very cold morning as I made my way down the steps from my third floor flat to go to work at Axelrod’s Music Store downtown. I scraped the ice from the windshield of my 1948 Ford which didn’t want to start at first, but slowly chugged to life. When I got to work, I went straight to my chores – making sure all the guitars were in tune, dusting all the instruments and doing inventory on guitars strings and other accessories. Then a bedraggled and somewhat unkempt man entered the store. He asked to purchase a pair of drumsticks. I thought at the time he must be around 60 years old and obviously very poor.
Then, because of his age, I asked him if he knew of my father who back in the 1920’s had a band called the Madison Syncopators. 
He had a startled look on his face and said, “You’re George’s boy!!” 
I told him I was and he told me that he was the drummer in that band!
He only had a dollar to put toward the price of the drumsticks, which at the time cost $4.00.  I, of course, made up the difference and wished him a Merry Christmas! 

Later, at lunch time, I went to the basement storeroom to eat where I always do, and for the first time, noticed a large box with D 21 marked on the side in magic marker. I had probably stared at the box a million times, but this time noted the marking on it. I then went over to it and, of course, opened the box to find inside in it’s hardshell case, a Martin D21 Dreadnaught Guitar.  I should say at this point, that Mr. Axelrod, my boss, was a very nice man. I told him I wanted to buy the D 21 and he said that would be fine and that he would sell it to me at his cost, and he told me to take the guitar home that night to be sure that I really liked it.

That guitar is still with me today!




About Bill Madison

Bill Madison – Singer/Songwriter/Guitarist My musical career spans more than 40 years; from the Folk Music venues of Boston, New York City and Montreal during the 1960’s, to the ski resorts and honky tonks of Northern New England from the 1970’s to the 1990’s. In 1973, I released my first album called “Sunday Mornin’ Hayride”. That album has been re-released by Riverman Records and Yoga Records and was voted in the top ten retro re-issues for 2009 by the Acid Archives. In 1974, I formed Them Fargo Brothers which became New England’s Premier Country Rock Band, and I toured with the band until 1990. I am currently writing and recording in my studio and marketing my CD’s through my web site and have downloads available across the web. I am also seeking to license my music to films, etc. And I am a Featured Artist on IMRadio.com.
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