Fair Market Trade Music Streaming! The Standing O Project!

Hi – I know it has been quite awhile since I posted last, but this subject really
has impressed me. Finally an alternative to music streaming that works for the fans as well as for the musicians.

Remember how great radio could make you feel with a new song by an undiscovered artist?

How new music shows could give you a boost of musical excitement?

How a new song by somebody you’ve never heard of could completely change your day?

How would you like to experience that again on a regular basis—and become part of the reason for a musician’s success?

The Standing “O” Project is an exciting new initiative that supports singer-songwriters, connects fans and musicians in new and meaningful ways, and exposes all of us to exciting new music the way radio used to.

I’ve become a Featured Musician at Standing “O” Project, and I’m inviting you to join me in this very cool, grass roots effort to ignite the singer-songwriter and fan community like never before.

Here’s a link: https://yi117.isrefer.com/go/fan/a4360

I think this is a great deal! I think this is the real deal – FINALLY!
All the Best,