Making an album of music

“If I Had The Time” is my 8th studio album release.  I love making albums – always have – from the music right down to the cover art and liner note designs.  Today, having my studio at home and all the technology available, allows me to create music the way I always wanted to.  In the past we had to rehearse heavily to be sure the arrangements were well-played before going into the recording studio and spending a lot of money – it had to be RIGHT! There wasn’t much time for creating in the studio.   But now, I have unlimited time to create!  I work with an 8 track digital recorder layering tracks and playing the instruments myself creating all the different parts.  This has become a laid back and pleasurable process for me – and I’m not in any rush and everything remains fluid and relaxed.

I realize that albums are not as popular today as they once were.  It seems these days, no one has the time to sit down and listen to a whole album of songs.  So to create an album, I have to be very aware of how all the songs flow together to make the album interesting and absorbing.  I always believed that a song is like a mini-movie – telling a story and creating a specific mood – so an album of songs has to be a series of related “movies” following a common thread.  “If I Had The Time” is all about love and the many ways love exists in life.  Told in each song by a different story.

After recording a track, I mix down all the parts they way I want to hear them onto a CD disc.  Then I create a file of the recording in the computer.  I can then edit the file if needed in my sound editing program which also creates a wav file of the track.  Wav files are pure, clean and uncompressed audio.  Then comes the magic!  I master the track using which is an online mastering site. I upload the wav file to Landr and they master the song using their algorithms. And the results are always very impressive.

Then I spend quite a bit of time listening to the tracks to place them in the order that they will appear on the album. At the same time, I am working on the cover art and liner notes.

Now when you order a CD from me, I burn each disk separately using a a high grade silver CD media to ensure long life and sound quality.  The CD is packaged in an autographed paper sleeve and inserted into a nicely printed cardboard sleeve, along with a nicely printed liner note – like a mini LP!  All said and done, my albums are a labor of love and very sincere.  It is my desire that you, the listener, have an enjoyable experience with my music.

Here is the title track from the new album:

If you wish to order a copy, it is available on my Bandcamp site.  Here you have the choice of just purchasing the digital download, or you can order the CD and get the download for free as well.  You can also listen to all the songs and download a single track if you wish.    Here’s the link:

If I Had The Time